Streets and Roads named for Olmste(a)ds

There are probably more than a hundred streets and roads in America and Canada named for an Olmstead or Olmsted. This is an attempt to identify all of them and who they were named for. Note that “FLO” is Frederick Law Olmsted. Please email us of more so that we can add them to the list. We would like to know the location, maybe a little history or reason and who it was named for.

A majority of those listed below were found on a quick search on Google; your help is needed to learn who they were named for.

Birmingham — Olmsted Street

Monterey — Olmsted Road & Olmsted Way near the airport for FLO.
Stanford — Olmsted Road

East Hartford — Olmsted Street
Wilton — Olmstead Hill Road

Bear — Olmsted Drive

Palm Bay — Olmsted Street

Fayetteville — Olmstead Drive
Stone Mountain — Olmstead Way
Warner-Robins — Olmsted Street

Alton — Olmstead Way
Hoffman Estates — Olmstead Drive
North Riverside — Olmsted Road, for FLO who, along with his partner Calvin Vaux, in 1869 designed Riverside as America’s first planned community. Today Riverside National Historic District (1970) may be the largest such in the country.
Woodstock — Olmstead Drive

Evansville — Olmstead Avenue

Olmstead — Olmstead Road

Baltimore — Olmstead Street
Pikesville — Olmstead Road

Boston — Olmstead Street

Dearborn — Olmstead Street
Fenwick — Olmstead Road
Flat Rock — Olmstead Road
Kalamazoo — Olmstead Road
Ludington — Olmstead Street
Portage — Olmstead Drive

Saint Paul —  Olmsted Street was named for David Olmsted, first mayor of the city; it was destroyed when I-35 was built and is now under a landfill.
Winona — Olmstead Street

New Jersey
Morristown — Olmstead Road

New York
Avoca — Olmstead Hill Road
Binghamton — Olmstead Street near the I-81 bridge crossing the Chenango River
Bloomfield — Olmstead Road
Bronx — Olmstead Avenue
Chittenango — Olmstead Road
Cohoes — Olmstead Street historic district
Glenfield — Olmstead Road near the Otter Creek bridge on Pine Grove Road (County Road 26)
Savannah — Olmstead Road
Scarsdale — Olmsted Road

North Carolina
Asheville — Frederick Law Olmsted Way the entrance to the North Carolina Arboretum near Blue Ridge Parkway milepost 393 on the southwest side of the city.
Asheville — Olmsted Drive
Burlington — Olmstead Avenue
Charlotte — Olmsted Park Place and Olmsted Drive and Olmsted Way
Flat Rock — Olmsted Lane for FLO
Pinehurst — Olmsted Boulevard for FLO

Columbus — Olmstead Avenue
New Albany — Olmsted Road
West Jefferson — Olmstead Road

Camp Hill — Olmstead Way
York — Olmstead Way

Rhode Island
Providence — Olmsted Way

South Carolina
Fort Mill — Olmstead Street

Ashburn — Olmsted Drive
Brambleton — Olmsted Drive
Woodbridge — Olmstead Lane


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